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60er Investment is a quickly developing premier brokerage firm on financial market. We provide financial assistance with wide range of fiscal instruments. Accumulating funds of our investors and making them work according to innovative estimated schemes in the widest range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, including futures and options based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities and metals.
Our company has direct access to the following exchanges: CME (COMEX, NYMEX, CBOT), ICE, ICE Europe, Eurex, NYSE/Liffe, Liffe, SGX, SFE, HKF & IPE, etc. Should you invest in Bitcoin for retirement?

60er Investment has more than 600 members on April 10th 2023. We will focus on investing in cryptocurrency futures and exchanges. We have invested in several cryptocurrency wallet companies to serve small investors in Europe and the Americas. Best Investment News From Company,Bitcoin (BTC) registered a 160% rally this year in 2023 while the broader crypto market rallied by 100% adding $800 billion to crypto investors’ wealth in 2023. Bitfinex expects the crypto market rally to continue going ahead while predicting another 100% gain next year in 2024. Invest bitcoin retirement plan.

Plan Deposit Amout Interest
Plan A 100-1999 USD ROI 3800% after 12 hours
Plan B 2000-9999 USD ROI 4700% after 12 hours
Plan C 10000-29999 USD ROI 7200% after 12 hours
Plan D 30000- 100,000USD ROI 8300% after 6 hours

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Lastest Payment Proof: 20,000 USDT sent to a U.S Investor .

Investment Program News: 20,000 USDT payment proof added, Despite news this week of inflation rates lower than expected, top cryptos failed to capitalize for longer periods, leaving many disappointed and causing a wave of liquidations. BTC dropped from over $70,000 last week to below $67,000 early this week.

We quickly adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions and needs.

Our business is strategically diversified to minimize risk. Just as importantly, through investing with us you will have an unsurpassed opportunity to earn a much greater return than most financial institutions can offer.

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    60er Investment started!
    60er Investment is open for investors from all over the world in 9 August 2019. ...
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